The 1922 Spillman Jr Carousel has twenty ponies and two chariots. Ponies are available for "Adoption" for life and also coming soon for 2021! - "Fostering" for the season, both include naming the pony. To date seven have been adopted and named. The pony names are placed over each pony on the carousel. The sponsor and pony names are also placed on wall plaques. Ponies with names are the first ponies chosen for rides, choose yours and make a sad pony happy! (See list below for Adopted & Fostered ponies)

Fostering a pony for the season - $650, $600 for repeat foster with same name.  Continuous fostering can be applied to cost of permanent adoption.

Adoption for inside pony - $10,000
Adoption for outside pony - $15,000
Small Chariot - $10,000
Large Chariot - $15,000